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Develop with WordPress

In this, the first post on Develop with WordPress, I’m going to outline the purpose of the site, who it is aimed at, and the sort of posts I’m intending to write.

Aim of Develop with WordPress

The overall aim of the site is to provide a useful resource for people new to developing with WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS system, powering millions of sites world wide, and has become a powerful and responsive system. However, it is also quite an easy system to get to grips with if you are an experienced developer and actually quite easy to pick up even if you are just starting out with development.

The people who will find the site most useful are developers who have a little PHP and Javascript, and understand a bit about system administration and database querying, but have not had much to do with WordPress. I’m hoping however that the site will have articles which are useful for all levels of developer.

Develop with WordPress Content

The first few articles on the site will be aimed at installing the wordpress system software and resources to get a functioning site up and running. This series of articles will cover the installation in a lot of detail to provide a useful resource which can be revisited when the need arises. As well as conventional installation, I’ll also cover installation using Docker to provide a virtualized, portable system which is easy to run on a laptop for ‘on the go’ development.

There will also be content which introduces some of the important concepts of WordPress in a simple way. Things like creating a plugin, using actions, creating a short-code etc.

The site will also cover some standard development techniques and tools which are not specifically about WordPress. These might be about editors, command line tools, system administration etc which will all hopefully be useful to anyone who maintains their own WordPress site.

Site Navigation

At the moment there are only a few articles on the site so navigation is confined to using the menu at the top of the page.

As the site grows and more articles are added, the search option will become more useful and I will add archive menus to assist in finding all types of article.


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